Januari 2016

The Onooka Industries brand is producer of quality bicycles and components in the range Dirt and Freeride, conceived for professional use. The brand has 10 years of experience in bike construction and for the development process modern FEM calculation methods were used. Onooka Industries was made by riders for riders and was a direct sales company until today.
Due to time constraints, we can no longer adequately care for the progress of the brand, so we have decided to give them to somebody else who wants to start his dream of an own bicycle brand with a stable foundation.
What includes the purchase of the brand?
– Transfer of all rights of the brand name Onooka Industries (Onooka Industries is a registrated trade mark with protection in Europe)
– Company Logo
– Domain: www.onooka.com
– Facebook site
– Images & Copyright
– Complete inventory of brand Onooka Industries (goods and prototypes)
– construction drawings
– manufacturer contacts
– one week training for dealing with a brand
Interested? Than give us a call
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